Permaculture : food for thoughts

Movement initiated by Bill Mollison et David Holmgren, this concept was developed as a referral of guidelines for developing resilient, sustainable and autonomous ecosystems, in the place where it shall be implemented.

At Henrion Landscapers, we aim for the integration of these methods for the design, the landscaping and the maintenance of outdoor areas with an overall feeling of respect for the nature and the human being. Here are the fundamentals we are committed to :

  • Observe and interact,
  • Integrate rather than segregate the element of a system,
  • Use and value (bio)diversity,
  • Optimise the functions of elements in use,
  • Start at a manageable scale and work the way up.


Design is the methodology we use to conceive and materialize your objectives and dreams, both for private or community gardens and for the surroundings of companies.

Permaculture, what is that ?