What does Henrion ?


What does Henrion ?

Here is an overview of our role in the design of your permaculture garden, following the O.B.R.E.D.I.M. method :


We observe the topography of your land, possible water sources, microclimates, roads and buildings, shadows, etc…


We take into account the external environment of your land (cultivated areas, forest, village, neighbouring gardens, wetlands, etc.) and adapt our project to it.


We adapt the project according to the available resources that we value: energy resources (sunshine, water management and storage, wood, …), the number of family members who wish to be involved in the garden, the time they have available, financial constraints, …


We analyse your project as a whole, as well as its feasibility and we propose solutions adapted to your wishes, your needs but also your means.


It is now time to design your garden by integrating it in the best possible way :

  • Adapted flows and circulation
  • An ecosystem in which all the elements are interdependent
  • Plants of different layers: trees, bushes, perennials, grasses and ground covers
  • Diversified plants, honey-bearing, with spreading blooms and fruit for the birds
  • Water ponds and aquatic ecosystems to encourage the arrival of animals which will be precious allies for natural pest control
  • A vegetable garden, a greenhouse, an orchard, small fruit bushes, fruit trees…
  • Mitigation of the prevailing winds: setting up hedges, either trimmed or free hedges
  • Wildlife integration (insect hotels, nesting boxes, hedgehog lodges, amphibians, etc …)

We implement your project and draw up an action plan: with what, with whom, where, when and how.


We can help you with the care of your garden, we provide organic manure and mulch, we manage the recycling of organic waste: leaves, shredded pruning waste, grass cuttings, …, “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. We also offer solutions according to the specificities of your garden.

Would you like to find out more? Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and discuss your permaculture project together.