Alternative care

Alternative care

Alternative care is part of a sustainable development approach. It enables a balance between the aesthetics and the development of biodiversity on the site.

Being in contact with the nature on a daily basis, Henrion Landscapers is well aware of environmental issues and wishes to adopt an eco-responsible attitude towards its approach to work.

Lively and interactive green spaces create opportunities for contact between people. These interactions are all ways of participating in the life of the company. These quality green spaces also contribute to health, reduce stress, promote outdoor activities and improve the working environment for employees. A serene, soothing, life-enhancing work environment is a guarantee of quality work and humanity.

These spaces become a support for environmental awareness and education. It showcases and enhances the values of the company. The company can become an eco-citizen by encouraging its staff to reproduce the company’s approach at home.

Besides, alternative management also meets a need to relearn forgotten fundamental notions (knowledge and functioning of the soil, plants and fauna).

Its implementation is a vector for a new look at the art of gardening. It is a question of broadening and renewing the skills of landscapers in response to the environmental challenges.

Gestion différenciée potager d'entreprise

Social challenges

  • Improve lifestyle at workplace
  • Improving relations and communication between colleagues
  • Striking balance between aesthetics and biodiversity
  • Raising environmental awareness among the general public

Environmental challenges

  • Preserving and enhancing biodiversity
  • Limiting energy and noise pollution
  • Recycling waste / mulching
  • Less mowing, more flowery meadow
  • Saving water
  • Reducing the use of fertilisers and phytosanitary products
gestion différenciée entretien

Economical challenges

  • Improving the company’s image
  • Eco-citizen enterprise = showcase and support for awareness raising
  • Environmental education that enhances the value of the site
  • Cost-driven approach that progressively drives down the expenses in maintenance